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 New ARTech Technologies Ltd.

PCB Systems Design Solutions

Addressing PCB Design Complexities

PCB designs grow increasingly complex and challenging with each technological advance. Add globally dispersed design and manufacturing

teams to the mix, and the collaboration hurdles make projects difficult at best. PCB design software helps companies meet market demands,

facilitate global collaboration, accelerate time-to-market, increase profit margins, and optimize/improve PCB reliability.


PCB Design Tasks

Solutions for common PCB design tasks:

  • Design Creation

  • Analysis & Verification

  • Layout & Routing

  • Library & Data Management

  • Fabrication Assembly & Test

PCB Design Flows

Expedition Enterprise

Designing a product requires more than just a great PCB layout tool – you need tightly integrated PCB design software. Expedition Enterprise provides this high level of integration, enabling all team members to work collaboratively and more efficiently.

Learn More About Expedition Enterprise ►



PADS PCB design solutions are created for designers by designers. They cover the entire design flow, from design definition through signal integrity analysis, functional simulation, layout and outputs to manufacturing.

Learn More PADS ►

Component Manager

For the electronic engineer developing a product, the ability to manage and quickly access corporate component information is critical to success.

Geographically dispersed design teams often use separate component databases, which may be out of sync or out of date. This can cause mistakes during product development that go undetected until later in the design cycle, causing costly redesigns or quality problems.

Component information can come from a variety of sources including corporate parts databases, manufacturers' data books and design systems. When adding component information to the design, outdated and missing data can affect design integrity and manufacturability. A more reliable solution is to have all the latest information accessible to all designers throughout the enterprise.


This new offering from New ARTech is ideal for engineers using electronic design automation (EDA), mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD) and other design tools. This business-ready solution delivers an easy to use and quick to implement system. The product suites provide engineers with secure, instant access to part and BOM information directly within the design environment.


System Details

The Component Manager is a Centralized Component Information and Collaboration System. It provides a single system to manage all component data for electrical design.



  • Behavioral/Physical Parameters

  • Simulation Models

  • Business Data

  • Regulatory/Compliance Data

  • Safety/Reliability



  • Datasheets, Drawings, Certificates (Compliance)



  • Manufacturer/Supplier Part Numbers

  • Datasheets/Specifications

The Component Manager connects directly to your schematic capture, simulation, and layout tools. Engineers access the data directly from their design environment and do not need to use/learn new tools.


Why Component Manager?

Our customers face the following challenges:

  • Engineers maintaining separate libraries

  • Error prone data entry

  • Inaccurate/inconsistent/incomplete component data

  • No documentation (datasheets/specifications/compliance)

  • No History Tracking/Audit Trail

  • No formal introduction process

  • No process to prevent Engineers from using Parts that are undesirable or obsolete

  • No past usage information


Component Manager has been developed to address these and other challenges. Refer to the Key Features page for more information on Component Manager, or Sign up for a free product demonstration.

PCB Design Creation

Define, verify and communicate design intent throughout the PCB design flow

Xpedition® Enterprise design creation tools help engineers capture schematics, integrate ICs onto the PCB, and communicate electrical and physical rules to all design teams:


FPGA integration reduces design cycles, improving performance and manufacturing

Constraint editor manages electrical and physical requirements

Complete design creation and definition with schematics and HDL

Full integration with layout environment





Schematic Design

Comprehensive concurrent circuit design and management. More >>



FPGA I/O Designer

Optimizes I/O on the FPGA for the PCB, and automates symbol creation. More >>



Constraint Management

Convey design intent through electrical and physical constraints in a common environment. More >>



I/O Optimizer

Reduce time-to-market and manufacturing costs of PCB systems. More >>



Multi-board Systems Design

Fully integrated and automated collaborative environment to design multi-board systems. More >>

PCB New Product Introduction (NPI)

Achieve first-time-right designs that meet the most demanding manufacturing process rule-sets

Valor NPI products combine capabilities of design for manufacture (DFM) and new product introduction (NPI) to ensure smooth transition from PCB design to fabrication and assembly.


More than 700 manufacturing rules can be applied concurrently throughout the design flow to reduce revisions and costly re-spins at the manufacturing level. Xpedition’s DFM and NPI capabilities include:


    -Automatic DFM analysis for new design versions with pinpointed manufacturing problems directly in the layout environment

    -BOM, AVL, and component analysis for assembly and test processes

    -Documentation and manufacturing-level outputs at the board or panel level

    -Tight integration with layout, with changes dynamically reflected in manufacturing drawings






Manufacturing NPI

New product introduction (NPI) platform for DFM validation and design-to-manufacturing handoff. More >>



Fabrication Preparation

Integrated fabrication preparation environment. More >>

ECAD Part Wizard

The availability of accurate, high quality ECAD models offers many advantages to engineers including rapid design-in, fewer PCB errors and significant time savings resulting in an improved end user experience and shorter time to market.

We are working closely with component manufacturers to provide a range of  highly accurate ECAD models, offering symbol and footprint information for electronic components. These models support all popular ECAD tool formats, and are available for download via the Product Data Library free of charge.


ECAD Part Wizard (EPW) models give engineers full control of the symbol fracturing and symbol pin positions (left, right, top, bottom). An EPW file contains accurate component data and is an application all in a single .exe file!


Using EPW is simple:

  1. Download a single EPW file for your selected component.

  2. Fracture the symbol how you would like it to look on your design.

  3. Export the Symbol(s) & footprint to your existing ECAD tools.


The layout footprints provided in EPW models are IPC compliant and include the nominal, least and maximum variants.


Having customised the symbols’ appearance, the models (symbols & PCB footprint) may be exported from EPW in one of the supported ECAD tool formats – Mentor Graphics, Altium, Zuken, Cadence and Design Spark. If the engineer wishes to use the default symbol fracturing it can be used immediately. Selected parametric data for the component, as detailed in the manufacturer’s datasheet, is also imported into your ECAD tool and can appear on reports or a BOM.


With support for all leading ECAD tools and component information endorsed by component manufactures, EPW is the complete solution for your ECAD model library needs.


ECAD Part Wizard was previously called the Schematic Part Wizard. EPW outputs contain both the symbol and footprint data.


EPW requires MS Excel.



Xpedition® Enterprise from Mentor Graphics is the industry’s most innovative PCB design flow, providing integration from system design definition to manufacturing execution. Its unique, patented technologies can reduce design cycles by 50 percent or more while significantly improving overall quality and resource efficiency.


Xpedition Enterprise

Integrated flow for the global enterprise, from system design definition to manufacturing execution


PCB Design Creation

Capture, verify and communicate design intent throughout the PCB design flow. More >>


PCB Simulation

Maximize the benefits of PCB virtual prototyping resulting in higher quality products, faster. More >>


PCB Layout

Collaborative placement and routing of highly complex printed circuit boards. More >>


PCB Design Collaboration

Facilitate collaboration of technically diverse, globally dispersed design teams. More >>


PCB Library Management

Integrate your PCB design process into the electronic design supply chain. More >>


PCB Design for Manufacturing

Achieve first-time-right designs that meet PCB’s most demanding manufacturing process rule-sets. More >>


The Xpedition Enterprise advantage

Xpedition® Enterprise delivers a complete portfolio of best-in-class solutions for engineering, design, analysis, manufacturing, and data management including:


Full data integrity throughout the entire design and IP management process

  • Significantly improve project schedules, reduce risks and eliminate error-prone manual data manipulation


Flow-wide concurrent engineering

  • Reduce cycle time by 30 to 60 percent; decrease integration effort up to 80 percent

  • Enable geographically dispersed engineers to work in parallel at any stage of the design process


Correct-by-design methodology and flow automation

  • Reduce error rate and eliminate time-consuming batch post-processes

  • Increase engineering productivity by 40 percent or more


Virtual prototyping

  • Reduce costly and time-consuming physical prototypes

  • Gain time for cost and quality optimization

  • Improve electrical, thermal and electromechanical quality and reliability


Integrated design-for-manufacturing

  • Eliminate new product introduction risks

  • Reduce design spins by 60 percent or more

  • Optimize first-pass yield by integrating the design chain with the extended supply chain

  • Expedition Enterprise empowers organizations to maintain a competitive edge and future-focused strategic positioning

PCB Analysis & Verification

HyperLynx® offers a complete suite of analysis and verification software that meets the needs of PCB engineers at any point in the board design flow.


Mentor Graphics offers a complete suite of high-speed PCB electronic circuit simulation software: signal integrity, power integrity, analog simulation, PCB thermal analysis, EMI/EMC design analysis. These circuit simulation solutions provide the flexibility to meet the needs of the PCB designer at any stage and are unmatched by any other tool set on the market today. From easy-to-use analysis tools to fully integrated design, simulation, analysis and verification capabilities, Mentor Graphics gives you the electronic circuit simulation software and tools that solve your most critical needs.

HyperLynx equips PCB engineers to efficiently analyze, solve and verify critical requirements to avoid costly re-spins. Achieve greater innovation, faster time-to-market and decreased costs with HyperLynx.


Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive signal integrity and timing verification and analysis

  • Core power integrity capabilities for dc drop and decoupling analysis

  • Verify electrical and system constraints at all levels of abstraction

  • High-speed and multi-gigabit design analysis including eye diagrams

  • Advanced EMI analysis

  • Board-level thermal analysis

  • Board-level analog simulation


HyperLynx Products

Signal Integrity Analysis

Analyze signal integrity issues early in the design cycle to eliminate costly re-spins. More >>

Power Integrity Analysis

Accurately model power distribution networks and noise propagation mechanisms, pre- and post-layout, in the PCB design process. More >>

Design Rule Checks
Rapidly verify complex electrical rules for PCBs. More >>

3D EM Analysis
Electromagnetic design and post-layout verification for PCB, packaging, RFIC, MMIC, and planar antenna designs. More >>

Thermal Analysis

Fast, complete, accurate 3D modeling of complex flow and thermal fields in PCB designs. More >>

Analog Simulation
Full board functional simulation with SPICE, VHDL, Verilog and other industry-standard languages. More >>

PCB Layout & Routing

Collaborative placement and routing of highly complex printed circuit boards

A true enterprise solution, Xpedition® delivers second-to-none layout capabilities, coupled with collaboration features that simplify and speed the PCB design process. It's particularly effective for large companies with multiple, dispersed teams, and complex organizational structures.


Xpedition’s layout products give you these capabilities and more:

  - Concurrent design with multiple designers and sites    

  - ECAD/MCAD collaboration

  - Topology planning & routing

  - RF/analog/digital co-design

  - Advanced fabrication and assembly



PCB Layout

A single, constraint-driven environment for interactive and automatic layout. More >>

Concurrent Team Design

Accelerate layout with dynamic, real-time multi-user layout and constraint entry. More >>


Constraint Management

Convey design intent through electrical and physical constraints in a common environment. More >>



RF Design

Engineer RF, analog and digital circuits directly on the same PCB, with true RF schematics and Agilent/AWR simulator compatibility. More >>


Topology Planning & Routing

Automated, intelligent tool helps plan and route bus-system interconnects. More >>


Advanced Fabrication & Assembly

Layout environment supports new, complex manufacturing elements within the core design flow, with technologies for: rigid/flex, high-density interconnect (HDI/microvias), embedded passives/actives, and chip-on-board. More >>

PCB Library Management

Integrate your PCB design process into the electronic design supply chain


Xpedition® Enterprise library management solution consolidates parts, inventory, and manufacturing requirements within your board design to streamline and add quality to your process and development cycle.


Standardize and re-use design elements with comprehensive "where-used" query

Identify dependencies from BOM to geometries and padstacks

Integrates with the electronic design supply chain and extended enterprise applications like PLM and ERP platforms



Library Management

Utilize a single, central environment for component, library, and reuse management within the Xpedition design flow. More >> 

Library Creation

Manage complex PCB system parts within one central library. More >>

LP Wizard for Expedition and PADS

With powerful IPC-7351A viewing and calculation tools

LP Wizard Suite 
The IPC-7351A PCB Libraries LP Wizard Suite is a series of powerful library maintenance tools that use IPC and industry-approved mathematical algorithms and component orientations to calculate footprint (land pattern) dimension data from any manufacturer's component dimensional data. Build standard SMT library parts in just minutes!

The LP Wizard Suite is included with either PCB Libraries for Expedition or PADS Layout. This tool suite will revolutionize the way you work, allowing you to quickly and easily browse your PCB footprint library to locate, view, construct and verify the mechanics of your PCB library design.

The LP Wizard Suite is especially beneficial if you:

  • Spend more time than necessary to match up PCB components with footprints

  • Consider the current name of your footprint to be all the documentation you need to have

  • Are tired of laying parts on a 1:1 plot of your printed circuit board to verify that the footprints you’ve selected are the right ones (if you see the difference between 0.1mm and 0.2 mm)

  • Design your product with its operating environment in mind

  • Want to improve the bottom line by making PCB design more efficient

This suite provides you with extensive flexibility and control. For example, when creating complex ball grid arrays (BGAs), the software gives you the ability to control individual pins. You can add or remove individual pins as well as ranges of pins—in any combination.

Advanced features include:

  • Graphic display of component features aligned with calculated footprint

  • Compensation variables for fabrication and assembly processes

  • Preset operating environments or user-defined goals for fooprint toe, heel and side protrusions

  • Solder joint analysis calculations

  • DRC protection from overlapping lands

  • Automatic footprint name generation

  • Save library documentation for later reference/retrieval

  • Edit part attribute names and values

  • Easily group parts by project

  • Export footprints directly to Expedition or PADS


The LP Wizard Suite includes the following tools:

LP Viewer 
With the LP Viewer you can easily search the library for the footprints you need, and view PDF and web-linked datasheets. The viewer provides on-screen graphic display for most standard SMD components and lets you quickly browse library contents. The on-screen display includes component, description, footprint name, and links to the component manufacturer websites.

LP Calculator

  • Calculates footprint geometries directly from component data with phenomenal precision

  • Builds standard parts in minutes

  • Reduces risk of human error

  • Uses the default IPC settings or custom settings configured to match your specific manufacturing tolerances


The LP Calculator allows you to design PCB footprints by simply entering the manufacturer’s component data; you can see the results of your design immediately in the viewer window and evaluate solder joint analysis.


With the calculator you can define your own CAD footprints if the correct CAD library part is not already available, and export to your CAD tool; it automatically builds CAD library decals in their native CAD format. You can change the manufacturing tolerances that determine the pad size, placement courtyard tolerance, PAD width round-off, component tolerance, footprint name, and the solder joint analysis. Alternatively, you can simply use the default IPC settings. This product provides the pick & place zero component rotation for accurate assembly data. The JEDEC JEP95 publication and the EIA / ANSI 481 specification for tape and reel packaging was used to determine the exact component zero rotation on the assembly tape and reel or tube. You can build all your CAD library parts in the same zero rotation and provide your vendors with accurate assembly data.

LP Librarian
The LP Librarian allows you to save, store and reference component data to eliminate redundant work. Saved data can be shared with others using the LP Viewer.

The library documentation edit feature can be used to create libraries from scratch, modify individual attribute names and change IPC-7351A LP software-generated values based on your unique project needs. This feature provides unprecedented flexibility in library management as you can now completely control what component data is stored in individual data files. With the ability to group all parts of a project together in one data file, you can more easily keep your projects organized. It will also save engineers time because they don’t have to sort through numerous data files to find all the parts of a given project. Simply group the parts you created for any project into a single data file, and share it with engineers. The data files can be browsed with the LP Viewer by anyone in your company!

If you build parts in one library and at some point decide certain parts should be copied to a different library, the software can easily transfer individual parts or groups of parts as you see most appropriate, making library management easier than ever.

The LP Librarian allows you to export data to Allegro, Altium Designer/Protel 99SE, Board Station, CADSTAR, CR5000, Expedition, OrCAD Layout, OrCAD PCB Editor, Pantheon, PADS, PADS ASCII, P-CAD, and Pulsonix.

Take your design from concept to creation with PADS



PADS solves the problems that other tools can't!



Schematic Design

Integrated schematic capture for creative, top-quality, electronic product design.


Analog/Mixed-Signal Circuit Simulation

Design, simulate, and analyze mixed-technology circuits with PADS AMS desktop and cloud-based solutions.


PADS AMS Design Suite ►


Simulation & Analysis

Analyze, solve, and verify critical design requirements during product creation.


Constraint Management

Manage hierarchical rules that drive correct-by-construction design.


Data Management

Build and manage components and automate archive management.

PCB Layout

Powerful PCB layout capabilities for easy design of printed circuit boards.



Consider form/fit issues early in the product creation process.


Collaborate with team members and leverage an ecosystem of reference designs and libraries.

Design for Manufacturing

Analyze, test, identify, and correct design, fabrication, and assembly issues before manufacturing.

Compare all three PADS solutions

PADS provides a full range of products for use by independent engineers in PCB designs of any complexity.



Each PADS product builds on PCB and hardware engineering capabilities to produce a full continuum of products that map to your requirements and budget.

PADS Standard

Basic PCB flow at an unbeatable price

Quality PCB schematic and layout tools

Affordable cost of access with easy scalability

Full-featured packages start at € 4,995!

More info ►


PADS Standard Plus

A full PCB design flow with advanced tools for hardware engineering

Configured for PCB designers who also need analysis and verification

Easy to use without compromising capability

Advanced layout and high-speed constraints

More info ►


PADS Professional

The most advanced toolset for the engineer who does it all

Tackle the most complex challenges better and faster

Xpedition® technology delivers incomparable performance at a remarkable price

Increase productivity opportunities spanning PCB design and FPGA co-design

Analyze and verify designs for signal/power integrity and thermal conditions with HyperLynx®

Utilize powerful yet easy-to-use capabilities for integrated RF, sketch routing, and true 3D design


More info ►

Compare PADS products by function

Each PADS product has a core set of functionality, which scales with your needs.



PADS AMS Design Suite

From analyzing to realizing, PADS AMS Design Suite helps you achieve circuit-creation goals.


Produce electronic product designs faster and easier while ensuring design intent, performance, and reliability in a complete design capture solution and virtual prototyping environment.


More info ►

PCB Design Collaboration

Facilitate collaboration of technically diverse, globally dispersed design teams

Collaboration is key to achieving accelerated design targets with large, globally distributed teams. Leveraging the power of team requires advanced design flows that enable maximum productivity, including:


  • Common constraint environment used throughout the flow

  • Concurrent schematic, constraint and layout design

  • Viewing and markup capabilities for collaboration outside the design team

  • Direct, bi-directional communication between ECAD and MCAD



Constraint Management

A fully integrated, constraint-driven design methodology. More >>

Concurrent Team Design

Accelerate PCB design with dynamic, real-time multi-user layout and distributed auto-routing. More >>

Design Review

A viewing collaboration environment accessible to all design departments. More >>


ECAD/MCAD Collaboration

Enables bi-directional collaboration between the electrical and mechanical domains. More >>

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